Scholarship & Gift Program

CMC Celebrates Your Child’s Accomplishments!

Education and technical excellence are the foundation of cultivating the next generation of success within CMC. So, as a way to celebrate the educational achievements and military excellence of your child(ren), CMC offers a special scholarship and gift program.

Who is Eligible?

For your eligible dependents to qualify for any of the programs below, you must:
  • Be an active, full-time, non-union employee of CMC
  • Be benefits-eligible
  • Be based in the United States
  • Have at least one year of continuous service at the time of application

Eligible dependents are children of an employee who are under age 26 and are:

  • Natural children
  • Stepchildren
  • Legally adopted children
  • Children placed with the employee for adoption
  • Children for whom the employee has legal custody or is the legal guardian

Note: Dependents of CMC employees who are also full-time, permanent CMC employees are not eligible to participate in the programs below.


Click here for the full program overview and learn more about each program below:

access the High School Graduation Gift application

CMC High School Graduation Gift

CMC recognizes eligible students who obtain either their high school diploma or their GED certification with a one-time cash gift of $100.


CMC Military Enlistment Gift

CMC recognizes those individuals who enlist in the military with a one-time cash gift of $250.

access the Military Enlistment Gift application

CMC College Scholarship Program

The CMC College Scholarship provides $500 annually for eligible dependents, for up to four years or a maximum of $2,000.

Fall 2019 application deadline: September 20, 2019

access the Fall 2019 application

Spring 2020 application deadline: January 31, 2020

access the Spring 2020 application